An unintended consequence

An unintended consequence

A recent Future of Work survey highlighted the growth of remote working and addressed how large MNCs are implementing policies to support employees transition, We now know that a likely consequence of COVID -19 will be a hybrid working model. In a recent CNN interview, Bill Thoms, Chairman of KPMG summarized the future of work as one where employees will work between ‘home, hub and office’ stressing that people want to ‘interact, collaborate and innovate’

An unintended consequence of remote working has been the lure to global remote working locations.

Countries like Barbados are attracting talent and offering warmer climates and tax incentives. The “Barbados Welcome Stamp” allows you to live and work there for up to 12 months and be exempt from Barbados income tax.
The opportunity is further strengthened by the option to pay zero taxes here in Ireland. Marianna Hunt recently wrote an article in the Telegraph detailing ‘destinations tempting remote workers with tax perks and cheap visas’, it is a definitely worth a read.

Many MNCs have implemented policies requiring staff to return to their country of employment citing in part ‘tax and legal reasons’ for their decision. Colm Gorey recently wrote an article about Google’s decision to bring employees back. The impact of global remote working on attracting talent to MNCs here in Ireland is yet to be determined, as one MNC recently explained ‘we are currently reviewing our HR policies ‘to accommodate team members who want to live and work from Spain, it could mean ‘less tax for them and for us’

In addition, many of our indigenous startups are also considering making a break for the border. Over the last six months, Galway City Innovation District has seen 5% of its PorterShed members take advantage of global remote working.

Global remote working is in its infancy and this is the tip of a potential iceberg. In addition to the obvious loss of income tax and impact on the economy, there is also a direct negative impact on our startup ecosystem, the need to interact, collaborate and innovate is fundamental to the growth mindset. If we lose innovators to the world of global remote they will interact, collaborate and innovate somewhere else, many will permanently stay remote and Ireland will lose talent and the potential to create high-value sustainable jobs.

We have two options, watch the exodus or become part of the global solution. The government should consider policies to incentivise startups and employees of MNCs to choose Ireland, we need to encourage people back to our hubs and communities and amplify the platforms we have created to interact, collaborate, and innovate. Nurturing talent needs to be high on the agenda.

If you are working remotely from home and considering a global remote move, why not check out the many Tech and local hubs around Ireland before you book that flight, we promise an engaged community of like-minded peers.


Chief Executive Officer at Galway City Innovation District Published
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

GCID Programme Manager

Work with us


Are you a dynamic and energetic Programme Manager with an entrepreneurial mindset and an interest in startups? Are you already involved in or looking to get involved in an innovation ecosystem, and hoping to further your career by supporting startups? GCID is looking for a Programme Manager to work with our CEO; the new hire will work with a team of innovation catalysers, to ensure the development and delivery of programmes to accelerate entrepreneurship in the West of Ireland.

About The Galway City Innovation District

The Galway City Innovation District (‘GCID’) was founded in 2015 to develop an innovation district in downtown Galway City and accelerate the regional technology ecosystem. The primary focus of GCID is creating high-value sustainable jobs in the West of Ireland. In 2016, GCID opened its first building, the PorterShed, whose member companies have to date had more than €36
million in inward investment. In 2021, GCID will continue its expansion by opening a second building in downtown Galway. The Board and management team at GCID are ambitious and driven, but most importantly we love what we do.


Job Title: Programme Manager Reports to: CEO 

Key Responsibilities: Programme design, development and delivery

Key working relationships: CEO, startup businesses (West/North West Ireland), programme partners and corporate clients.

About the Role

The GCID is looking to appoint a Programme Manager to design, develop and deliver pre-accelerator and accelerator programmes, and support and foster the technology innovation ecosystem across the West and North West of Ireland. Working closely with the CEO, the Programme Manager will be responsible for all areas of programme design, development and delivery.

Main Objectives

  • Deliver programmes to members of the startup ecosystem across the West and North West of Ireland.

  • Develop bespoke programmes for corporates, partners and the wider technology community in the West and North West of Ireland.

  • Orchestrate a collaborative partnership between GCID and programme partners.

  • Provide mentoring for members located within GCID buildings across a broad range of subject matters.

  • Define the recruitment strategy and execute it to attract entrepreneurs and startups.

  • Oversight of strategic quality management in all programmes.

  • Work closely with members of the GCID team to deliver on GCID strategy and KPIs.

  • Preparation of programme budgets.

  • Build an engaged national and international community of thought leaders, domain experts and industry innovators to support GCID programmes.

  • Assist the CEO with the acquisition and onboarding of new programme partners including corporate clients.

  • Coordinate and manage accelerator events and programmes including bootcamps, pitch competitions and hackathons.

  • Proactively engage with the GCID community including academia, industry, investors and the public sector to understand their needs and offerings in relation to the tech innovation and startup ecosystem.

  • Contribute to other activities to support the efficient and effective delivery of programmes to support the regional startup ecosystem.

About You

  • Embedded and well-networked, you have a strong working knowledge of the technology / startup world, the kind of person that would happily spend a weekend at a hackathon, reading a startup book, or are naturally drawn to reading articles about the latest developments in innovation and technology.

  • Passionate about the potential for platforms to enable entrepreneurship, startups and new technologies to make a positive impact on companies, the economy and society, and are excited about playing a role in accelerating the Irish startup ecosystem.

  • A strong team player, you excel in leveraging the skills and resources of multiple team members to deliver projects on time and to a high standard, embracing teamwork, and fostering a collaborative and positive environment.

  • You have experience running a startup engagement programme.

  • You are agile and thrive on working in a challenging, fast-paced and dynamic environment, are dependable and consistent, and strong in planning, priority setting and execution. You’re a team player: flexible around job responsibilities and willing to jump in and help where needed.

  • You have strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to effectively communicate to a variety of audiences. You are skilled at translating complex ideas and concepts into high quality decks and presentations.

  • You’re a great organiser with a strong ability to multitask to meet deadlines. You know how to manage projects effectively and engage people to meet milestones.

  • You have a strong presence and the ability to act effectively as a brand ambassador. You have the confidence and ability to push back on demands, ideally with a proven record of leadership in a work setting and/or through extracurricular activities.

  • With a constant curiosity and a desire to learn new things, you’re prepared to highlight if and when you need help. Independently driven, you’re always looking to improve your productivity by learning new tools and methods.

  • A strategic thinker with the ability to synthesise research and ideas into meaningful and powerful presentations, and possess dynamic problem solving skills.

  • With experience in event management and coordination, you have a persuasive presence and are able to adjust your communication style depending on the audience and context. You are comfortable speaking in front of 100+ people.

  • Excellent attention to detail, keeping the big picture in sight. You are able and willing to work on a variety of tasks. You understand the commercial reality of business, and are able to shape offerings and strategies that fit with given constraints.

  • Ability to use modern technology platforms, and learn quickly (Trello, Slack, Google Docs/Slides, Mailchimp, etc.



  • Salary commensurate on experience.
  • Three-year fixed-term contract.

Application Process

  • Please submit a CV/resumé and cover letter describing your interest in the role and addressing the above criteria to
  • Application deadline is Friday, 4th December 2020 at 5 pm.