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We’re Hiring! CTO in Residence

About the role

Galway City Innovation District (GCID) is seeking to recruit a CTO in Residence to participate in Startup related activities such as technical mentoring, architectural review, and Hackathons as well as identifying and owning initiatives to make a huge impact on the Galway Startup ecosystem.

About you:

Are you passionate about helping Start-ups use technology to develop and deploy large scale applications? Do you have a unique combination of entrepreneurship experience, deep technical expertise, business acumen and strong interpersonal skills? If you answer yes to any of the above – Come build a world class tech ecosystem with us here at GCID!

The ideal candidate will have a strong working knowledge of the tech/startup world, and be the kind of person that would happily spend a weekend at a hackathon, reading a startup book or are naturally drawn to reading articles about the latest developments in innovation and technology.


The CTO in residence will take on community activities, hold office hours, and lead in start up programmes delivered to our members and the wonder start-up community, educating them on value propositions and participating in deep architectural discussions with startups, to ensure their solutions are designed for successful deployment and scale.

The ideal candidate will possess customer facing skills that will allow you to communicate and speak with authority about a broad range of technical topics. The CTO in Residence should also have a demonstrable ability to think strategically about business, products, and technical challenges. There’s a good chance you’re coming off a wild startup rocket ship ride (or two or three!) and looking to shift gears to make a big impact on the startup community in the West of Ireland.

  • Establish and build technical relationships within the startup ecosystem, including accelerators, incubators and VCs
  • Mentor startups in our members community and wider startup ecosystem.
  • Help startups to adopt the right architecture at each part of their life cycle
  • Develop technical content, such as blog posts to assist customers solve technical problems and reduce time-to-market
  • Design and deliver startup-related industry events such as hackathons and user-groups
  • Support startups in architecting scalable, reliable and secure solutions
  • Provide guidance on building technology teams and Recruitment advise and support

Opportunity Startup Engagement coordination – work with Startup Team to curate startups for various global startup opportunities such as GFE Campus Exchange, Demo Day, accelerators etc

Opportunity promotion – work with Startups & Community Teams to effectively promote GFE opportunities e.g. Campus Exchange, Blackbox Connect, Demo Day etc

You are the founder or have senior leadership experience in a high-growth Corporate. Preferably you also have experience mentoring and coaching Startups.


  • 7+ years of experience in the design and implementation of complex IT solutions (including scalable cloud-based solutions and microservices architectures)
  • Practical operational experience including monitoring application and infrastructure performance and reliability
  • Deep understanding of technologies in the open source developer ecosystem, including IDEs, developer frameworks, continuous integration platforms
  • Knowledge of the latest developments in analytics solutions.
  • Excellent communications and presentation skills
  • A passion for startups and a genuine desire to make an impact on the West and North West startup ecosystem


  • You’re passionate about the potential for platforms to enable entrepreneurship, startups and new technologies to make a positive impact on companies, the economy and society, and are excited about playing a role in accelerating the Irish startup ecosystem
  • You are interested in how innovation is driven in large established organisations, and how this can be facilitated to create win win scenarios with startups
Character & Mindset
  • Hardworking & dependable – you’re dependable and consistent and strong in planning, priority setting and execution. You’re a team player flexible around job responsibilities and willing to jump in and help where needed.
  • Productive & efficient – you’re self-motivated, independently driven and thrive in dynamic and fast-paced environments. You’re always looking to improve your productivity by learning new tools and methods.
  • Strong presence & leadership capability – you have a strong presence and the ability to act effectively as a brand ambassador. You have the confidence and ability to push back on demands, ideally with a proven record of leadership in a work setting and/or through extracurricular activities.
  • Growth mindset – you’re ambitious and excited about working in a challenging, fast paced and dynamic environment, with a constant curiosity and a desire to learn new things. You’re prepared to highlight if and when you need help.
  • Analytical mindset – you’re a strategic thinker with the ability to synthesize research and ideas into meaningful and powerful presentations, and possess dynamic problem solving skills. You ask, or learn to ask the right questions.

Strong team orientation – you embrace teamwork and enjoy fostering a collaborative and positive environment.

The deadline for applications is Friday 8 October 2021. Apply by email to 


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